Web-Mapping Project: SilentWorx

SilentWorx offers various webcam and meteo data around the lake of Biel. This data is used by a large number of kite- and windsurfers, along with sailors and other interested persons to inform about the current weather and wind conditions. Until now, the data has not been spatially visualised. I was thus asked to develop and implement an interactive web-map application to display all meteo stations, to show wind barbs showing the current wind speed and direction and, using inverse distance weighting, to interpolate the data over the whole lake area. To accomplish these tasks, I have created two Leaflet plugins which can be found on GitHub:

Inverse Distance Weighting Plugin: https://github.com/JoranBeaufort/Leaflet.idw/
Wind Barb Plugin: https://github.com/JoranBeaufort/Leaflet.windbarb

  • Project Type: Private Sector
  • Skills: Leaflet, JavaScript, PHP, IDW, svg
  • Customer: SilentWorx
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Website: www.bielerseelive.ch