Who am I?

My name is Manuel Bär. I have a MSc (summa cum laude) in Geographic Information Science (GIScience) and am currently working towards my PhD in the Geocomputation Unit of the University of Zürich. My focus is primarily on crowdsourcing landscape perceptions with a touch of gamification and machine learning.

What do I do?

I am currently employed as a PhD Candidate and am thus mostly working on my research, collaborating with peers and involved in tutoring. I am also further educating myself in relevant topics such as spatial cognition, perception theories, geo-visualisation, game design, statistics and spatial analysis.

Where am I?

I currently live in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and work at the Irchel Campus of the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Biel/Bienne is located between Zurich, Basel and Geneva making it easy for me to attend events in mentioned cities. I am lucky to be a dual citizen of Switzerland and Australia which makes international travel mostly hassle free.

Looking to collaborate?

I am always happy to discuss possible collaborations with persons or groups in the same or a related field of research! I have experience with various program languages and frameworks used in the domain of Geographic Information Science and am particularly keen on further research in the area of gamification in crowd sourcing and citizen science efforts in GIScience.

What can I offer?

I have working knowledge (basic to intermediate) of various programming languages including Java, C#, Python, R, PHP and JavaScript. I have also worked with different frameworks including ESRI products, Leaflet.JS, MapBox, D3.JS and last but certainly not least, I have done multiple introductory courses in Unity3D including the usage of the MapBox SDK.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.