I have experience in digitising, modeling and administering various forms of geographic data. From digitalising map features, over database structuring up to project architecture.


I have experience in a multitude of different frameworks to analyse given data. These range from open source applications, over commercial programs to self developed web applications.


I specialise in web visualisations combining interactive diagrams maps and filters. I also have experience with various frameworks including ESRI and Autodesk products, R, QGIS and many more.

Latest from the blog

Leaflet.Windbarbs – Basic tutorial
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Hi there! This is a basic tutorial for using my leaflet.windbarbs plugin. The aim of this plugin is to show the direction of the wind and the wind speed using a internationally recognized symbology.   Firstly, you should download the … Read More

StarBorn – A Real-Time Location Based Game for Geographic Information Mining
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As part of my MSc of Geographic Information Science, I am writing my masters thesis on creating, implementing and analysing a location based game and the generated data thereof. Below you can find my detailed MSc concept. At the time … Read More

Postgres / PostGIS – Of Rasters and GeoJSONs
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Over the past few weeks I have been looking into Neo4j Spatial and PostGIS, the spatial plugin for Postgres. The starting point was, that I needed to store and access naturally tessellated tiles or cells, each with an extent of … Read More

Wind Barbs in Leaflet – Leaflet.windbarb
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As a windsurfer and sailor, I am particularly interested in good spatial visualisations concerning wind including wind speeds and the wind direction. Wind barbs were invented to be the standard of visualising wind, but to my disappointment, leaflet offered no … Read More

Inverse Distance Weighting in Leaflet – Leaflet.idw
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For some time now it has bugged me that there are no interpolation plugins for Leaflet. I believe that future mapping and GIS tasks will increasingly be performed in the cloud or on the fly in web applications, therefore an … Read More

Graphetteer – A conceptual model for a graph driven gazetteer
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In the fall semester 2015, I attended the lecture “geographic information retrieval”. As part of the assessment process, a paper had to be written. I wrote a paper on a conceptual model for a graph driven gazetteer. Authors: Manuel Bär … Read More